The Entrepreneurship Development Cell(EDC) was established in the college in the year 2005 with initiative from the then Principal Shri D. Hazarika with a view to encourage the students to turn to be entrepreneurs – to be job giver and not the job seeker. The focus of EDC is to promote the entrepreneurship culture among the student groups in particular and in the society in general by developing entrepreneurial capabilities to initiate and manage small and micro business enterprises, small scale units, cottage industries etc. and reducing the burden of the State in providing white-collar jobs to the youth. The EDC conducts awareness programmes as well as motivational programmes for the students in every academic session. Presently, Dr. K. Rajendra Babu trained by Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati is the Coordinator of the Cell and all the faculty members of the Department of Commerce are the Members.