On the 5th of September the Department of science organized the Teacher’s day in bheast with Fresher’s meet (departmental) during which the faculties proposed to open a science club which was unanimously agreed upon by one and all present. In view of this development a functioning body of executive members was duly constituted which are as follows:

President: Tame Segma(Asst. Professor Botany)
Secretary: Silikla Manchey(B. Sc 5th Sem.)

Class representatives:

  • 3th Sem. Zoology: Mida Tayang and Nalsawlu Kri

  • 5th Sem. Botany: Rojoui Tindiya and Jambilu Tayeng

  • 3rd Sem.: Nyemwang and Awenga Miku

  • 1st Sem.: Poiya Ngota and Congphi Wangsu


Objective and Aims of Science Club


  1. To promote inquisitiveness among the students and inoculate scientific temper among students.

  2. To trigger interest among the students in scientific study.

  3. To develop students’ awareness of and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts.

  4. To develop awareness among common people through different activities of science club.


  1. The Science Club aims to promote Science interest and engagement through challenges.

  2. To observed and celebrate various Science related days.

  3. To Cooperate if possible with higher organisation body of various science info related clubs.