“ The College strives to promote a knowledge society by continuously improving access, equity and sustain excellence in higher education.”


Emerging as a front ranking institution of learning in terms of quality higher education, advance research, training and consultancy”.

 The vision and mission reflects the guiding framework of the institution. While imparting quality higher education, the college adheres to the following major goals and objectives:

  1. To impart quality as well as inclusive higher education;
  2. To aid the students to develop an understanding of our national heritage and national goals;
  3. To inculcate amongst students scientific outlook and respect for physical labour, ideals of democracy, patriotism and peace;
  4. To encourage students to improve their attainments, develop their personalities and at the same time contribute to community welfare;
  5. To meet the individual needs of the students, duly recognizing the differences in aptitude and capabilities amongst them;
  6. To address women’s educational needs and facilitate their empowerment.