Overview of Chemistry Department

          Chemistry department started to function from the Academic Session 2014-15 with 35 students (pass course} and Mr. Mr C.C. Namchoom as lone faculty in old block (presently Arts block) of the college.  One guest faculty was appointed in later part of 2015 till 2018 and only pass course was continued.

         New curriculum was started from 2019 and Chemistry was offered Honours to students with only physics and Mathematics subject combination. The first batch of Chemistry Honours was passed out in 2022.

          Choice Based Curriculum System (CBCS) B.Sc in Chemistry started from 2021. The aim of this bachelor’s degree programme in chemistry is to provide: (a) Broad and balanced knowledge in chemistry in addition to understanding of key chemical concepts, principles and theories. (b) To develop ability and skill of the students to acquire expertise over solving both theoretical and applied chemistry problems. (c) To provide knowledge and skill to the students’ thus enabling them to undertake further studies in chemistry in related areas or multidisciplinary areas that can be helpful for self-employment/ entrepreneurship. (d) To provide an environment that ensures cognitive development of students in a holistic manner. A complete dialogue about chemistry, chemical equations and its significance is fostered in this framework, rather than mere theoretical aspects. (e) To provide the latest subject matter, both theoretical as well as practical, such a way to foster their core competency and discovery learning. A chemistry graduate, as envisioned in this framework, would be 3 sufficiently competent in the field to undertake further discipline-specific studies, as well as to begin domain-related employment. (f) To mould a responsible citizen who is aware of most basic domain-independent knowledge, including critical thinking and communication.