Overview of History Department

          History being an important subject who plays a very vital role in shaping of our society was introduced in course of study since inception of the college in 1986. The subject was launched with both general (pass course) and honors course by the mode of annual system. In the academic session 2014-15, the study mode was converted into semester system with major paper in the subject from 5th semester onward. In the academic session 2020-21 the study mode was again converted into Choice Based Course with Core Course, Disciplinary Specific Elective Corse and General Elective. Thereafter from academic session 2023-24 the study mode of NEP 20202 is implemented with Major Course, Minor Course, Multi Disciplinary Course, Skill Enhancement Course, Value Added Course, Ability Enhancement Course, etc. 

          The Department of History provides quality education in the conventional areas viz-a-viz The Idea of Bharat, History of World Civilization, History of India: Earliest time to 550 CE, History of Europe: 13th Century to 1789, History of India: 550 CE- 1200 CE, History of Europe: 1789-1919, History of India: 1200-1707, History of Modern World : 1919-1945, History of India: 1707-1857, Indian National Movement 1857-1947, History of Modern India: 1947-2000, Cultural Heritage of India, Asian Resurgence, History of Communication, History of United States of America -I (C. 1776 -1945), History of United States of America -II (C. 1776 – 1945), History of North-East India (Earliest times to 1824), History of North-East India (1824 to 1972), History of Southeast Asia-The 19TH Century, History of Southeast Asia-The 20TH Century, History of Arunachal Pradesh (up to 1826), Oral Traditions and Heritage Studies, Environmental Issues in India, History of North East India (1824-1947), Making Contemporary India, Delhi: Ancient, Delhi: Medieval, Delhi: Modern, Issues in Contemporary World, Understanding Heritage, Art Appreciation: An Introduction to Indian Art, Archives and Museum, Understanding Popular Culture. There a conventional study prepares the students for their competitive examination. In addition to the conventional studies the department of history is giving special emphasis on the studies related to Socio-economic and Political history and tourism studies pertaining to Arunachal Pradesh to enhance the knowledge and promote research quest in the minds of the students.

         The Department of History was able to provide many meritorious students in the final undergraduate university examination to add feathers in the caps of the college. Besides, many alumni of the department have established themselves in various sectors and are providing various valuable services towards the society.

        Apart from teaching, the department organizes class wise seminar, group discussions, educational field trips to the historical sites to broaden their horizon and to create historical niche in the minds of the students.


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